A Better Vision For Oak Lawn




Hello and thank you for visiting my site!  I hope you are as excited as I am at the possibility of positive change in Oak Lawn.  

As a small business owner, it has been a privilege helping the people of Oak Lawn see clearly since I started my optometric career in 1995, and it is my goal to help residents now see the issues at hand clearly.  From my years of service and commitment to Oak Lawn, I’ve put together my plan and ideas for moving our township forward.

We are ready for fresh, new leadership in Oak Lawn. We are ready for smart leadership, to bring people together and not divide them.  And we are ready for an Oak Lawn that is open and supportive to business. It is time for a healer to lead and not a litigator.  I’m ready to lead and make sure your voice is heard for a better, more positive Oak Lawn.

With warm regards,


Dr. Sandra Bury



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